Nafshi Revaya - נפשי רויה  My Soul Overflows 

Rabbi SaraLeya was ordained in 2005 by the ALEPH Rabbinic Program.   Her rabbinic passions include plumbing the depth of Hebrew prayer, chanting Torah with interpretive translation, study of mystical texts, and officiating at rituals that mark life’s transitions, joys and difficulties.  She is committed to practicing and teaching tikkun ha-nefesh, the self- reflective refinement of our soul-traits that helps us become shining vessels for the Divine spark that enlivens us.

​Rabbi SaraLeya served Chochmat HaLev, Berkeley, CA, as rabbi 2008-2014, and she is currently Rabbi Emerita and lifetime member there.  She continues as a participating member of Congregations Beth Israel (Modern Orthodox) and Netivot Shalom ( Masorti), in Berkeley.  She is associated with the Rabbinic Leadership Initiative of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. 

​She has also worked in past years with other synagogues including Congregation Eitz Or (Seattle), Or Shalom Jewish Community (San Francisco), Congregation Shir Neshama (Contra Costa County),  B'nai Ha'aretz (Garberville) and  the Aquarian Minyan (Berkeley).

Mother of three adult children, she also had a fulfilling career as a Gynecologic and Obstetric physician from 1977 until retirement in 2014.   She earned her B.S. in Psychology and M.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She received a Master of Philosophy in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a Master of Counseling from the University of Phoenix, Tucson campus. She is also certified in Interactive Guided Imagery™ and Soul Memory Discovery

This website is dedicated to posting ideas I have shared over the years. It is a work in progress. My intention is to post a teaching for each parshah and each Holy Day during 5777.  Scroll down through the names of the sections and the links to the writings will appear to the right.  I pray that, through these Words of Torah, goodness, blessing and healing will flow to all beings and through all the worlds!  

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Rabbi SaraLeya Schley's Writings